12.11. 2022 –12.2. 2023

Cory Arcangel


Cory Arcangel (*1978 Buffalo, New York, lives in Stavanger, Norway) is a central figure in a generation of artists responsive to recent technical developments in an increasingly information-saturated global culture. Arcangel’s post-conceptual practice has approached forms such as Photoshop gradients, video game modifications and YouTube tutorials to produce works of art that deal with the inextricable link between digital technology and today’s popular culture. Part of Arcangel’s interest in these current trends is their rapid obsolescence, structurally built into their material – their programming, codes, and hardware. As such, Arcangel’s work deals with the confluence of digital technologies across time, how we experience them aesthetically and by their nature, how they determine such an experience.

For the exhibition at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Arcangel brings together several recent works assembled with the legacy of Michel Majerus in mind. The exhibition takes its title from Flying Fox, a 136 meter mega-yacht photographed by Arcangel in the port of Stavanger and whose ownership is shrouded in mystery. By reproducing this image on a large-scale, Arcangel sets the scene for a group of works which conflate the free-floating transmission of images and their consumption online with the life of global resources – from extraction,to circulation in consumer economies, all the way up to their appearance as assets of the global 0.1 %.

Curated by Nicholas Tammens

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