Art Education

The Kunstverein in Hamburg offers a varied programme of education, which is specially tailored to students of all ages. We place particular emphasis on aesthetic research. The Kunstverein is a regular partner of the art pioneers mediation project of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In addition, we regularly cooperate with Hamburg schools to develop process-oriented workshops with the participation of artists and curators on an individual basis. We are also happy to offer guided tours for school classes, which can also refer to current teaching content in consultation with the teachers.


The Kunstverein in Hamburg is pleased to participate in the Kunstpioniere (Art Pioneers) program of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Hamburg. Kunstpioniere aims at introducing pupils to various art institutions and art in general in a more direct way, by allowing them to take a look behind the scenes and providing new spaces for learning. The artistic results are presented in flash exhibitions at the Kunstverein.

Kunstpioniere is an innovative cooperation project between schools and art institutions in Hamburg dedicated to making contemporary art and artistic production of pupils at schools a key element in engaging with one’s own reality and with the arts. The project enables children and youths to deal with contemporary art in an explorative and creative way in the vein of aesthetic research. It removes barriers to exhibition venues and establishes a new public for works by school students. The focus is on the exploration of current art and a process-oriented working method, as well as on individual approaches to art. The school students become so-called art pioneers: art reporters, art communicators, art researchers, artists, and exhibition-makers.

The Kunstverein in Hamburg offers the art pioneers an exciting field of activity, since the flash exhibitions accompanying the project in the evening are featured directly among the works of the current show, which are then discussed. These flash exhibitions are open to the public and announced on the Kunstverein’s website.

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