Art Education

Our workshops address different groups and are tailored to their specific needs. In these workshops questions and topics of contemporary art are discussed or artistic techniques are learned or deepened.

In this program we are also happy to react to external requests. Please contact us.

Generating Talk

From February 2016 to January 2017, gatherings with Syrian refugee families took place at regular intervals at the Kunstverein in Hamburg. People Searching for Happiness was a forum for discussion and mutual artistic exchange.

With the help of photography, the project participants worked through their new living situation in a city and culture that was foreign to them. The practical work with the camera often served as a communication tool - the translation of one's own view of the world into a picture can overcome hurdles that spoken language initially fails to overcome. After a technical introduction to the basics of photography, the participants began their individual documentation of the project. From then on, the camera was a constant companion at joint meetings, exhibition visits and excursions.

Until August 2016, a graphic representation of the number of asylum applications filed in Germany from June 2015 to May 2016 was displayed on the window front of the Kunstverein. Selected photos of the participants were presented in this graphic design, thus adding a subjective, individual perspective to the facts depicted.

The engagement with the artistic positions exhibited at the Kunstverein allowed the project participants to become questioners and interviewees. Individual experiences, perspectives and interpretations were communicated and discussed in the course of the meetings. Poems by Arab poets such as Hanane Aad, Sabah Zouein or Fuad Rifka provided access to the discussion of themes such as farewell, new beginnings and hope. In addition to changing living conditions and cultural stereotypes, the group also questioned their own prejudices: What is Islam's attitude towards feminism? What do mothers and young people think about the veiling of women?

The exhibition by the French artist Lili Reynaud Dewar TEETH, GUMS, MACHINES, FUTURE, SOCIETY (24.09. - 20.11.16) offered various opportunities to engage with feminist debates and national ideologies. The participants engaged with excerpts from Donna Haraway's 1985 essay A Cyborg Manifesto, which is central to Reynaud Dewar's work. Haraway refers to the changing categories of class, race and gender in society against the backdrop of potentially increasing human-machine interfaces. In the process, she emphasises the problematic persistence of patriarchy, colonialism, essentialism and naturalism. The project participants discussed the possibilities of objective knowledge and Haraway's thesis on constructed cultural identity: in Germany, for example, they did not find the image of an exclusively carefree life that is widespread in Syria. At the same time, the distorted idea of the foreign-determined Arab woman prevails in Europe. The awareness of these constructions and their questioning was understood as a challenge by all participants.

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