The Kunstverein in Hamburg is one of the oldest art societies in Germany. Since 1817 it has dedicated itself to presenting young, contemporary art. Back in 1826 it was quick to display the talents of the up-and-coming Caspar David Friedrich, exhibiting his works “The Tomb of Ulrich von Hutten” and “The Sea of Ice”, and later presented solo exhibitions by budding artists Arnold Böcklin (1898), Jackson Pollock (1958), Francis Bacon (1965) and Angela Bulloch (1994). Rather than housing a permanent collection, the Kunstverein hosts temporary exhibitions in order to remain flexible and able to react to contemporary art trends and social issues, which it explores from an aesthetic perspective. This work is supported by the broad-ranging commitment of its members, and their financial contributions and interest in contemporary art form the basis of both the Kunstverein’s long tradition and its future.

If you would like to see the Caspar David Friedrichs of tomorrow, then why not become a member today?

Benefits of membership

  • Free admission to the exhibitions and events of the Kunstverein in Hamburg as well as to 300 other German art societies that are affiliated to the AdKV.
  • Personal invitation to all openings and accompanying events of the Kunstverein
  • 20 percent discount on all Kunstverein publications
  • Purchase of annual gifts (limited edition works by international artists) offered exclusively to members of the Kunstverein
  • Participation and right to vote at the general meeting of members
  • Participation in special member events: Travel to interesting destinations of the international art business, visits to studios, artist talks, special exhibition tours and events.
  • Use of the reference library of the Kunstverein
  • Each new member receives a publication from the Kunstverein as a welcome gift.

Annual fee
Single membership: 50 Euro
Family/Dual membership: 70 Euro

Concessionary membership
(Artists, students, schoolchildren, apprentices and senior citizens)
25 Euro

Concessionary family membership
35 Euro

Cancelation of membership
The membership can be canceled only to the end of the year. Deadline for the notice in writing is September 30. All cancelation after that date will be disregarded.

Please take note:

  • The membership fee is always charged for a whole calendar year. If you join in the course of the current year, the full membership fee will still be charged.

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