• Cory Arcangel 3-, 2022, €250.00

Cory Arcangel


  • Cory Arcangel, _3-_ (2022), HP LaserJet1102w on XEROX Premium sheer Paper, Jahregabe 2022, Foto: Fred Dott
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Cory Arcangel
3-, 2022
HP LaserJet P1102w on XEROX Premium Transparency paper
Edition: 100+5AP

Cory Arcangel (*1978 Buffalo, New York, lives in Stavanger, Norway) is a central figure in a generation of artists responsive to recent technical developments in an increasingly information-saturated globalized culture. Arcangel’s post-conceptual practice has approached forms such as photoshopped color gradients, video game modifications and YouTube tutorials to produce works that deal with the inextricable link between digital technology and today’s popular culture. Part of Arcangel’s interest in these trends is their rapid obsolescence, structurally built into their material – their programming, codes, and hardware.

Following Arcangel’s exhibition Flying Foxes at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Arcangel has proposed a domestically proportioned version of his large aluminium wall works that derive their vectorized stripes from iPhone photos of Adidas tracksuits. Printed in-house on the office printer on sheets of A4 transparency foil, these editions speak to Arcangel’s use of pedestrian materials from zip-lock bags to Nintendo cartridges. On these reflective surfaces, Arcangel’s simple plastic sheets suggest the omnipresence of the screen, which has become our primary mode of viewing.

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