• Bozner Bronze - Mary's Contraception, €2,800.00

Raphaela Vogel

Bozner Bronze (Mary's Contraception)

  • Raphaela Vogel, _Bozner Bronze (Mary's Contraception_ (2022), Bronze cast, Jahresgabe 2022, Photo: Fred Dott.
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Raphaela Vogel
Bozner Bronze (Mary's Contraception), 2022
Bronze cast
50 x 20 x 20 cm

Raphaela Vogel’s (*1988 Nürnberg, lives and works in Berlin) artistic practice combines different, and often contradictory media and genres in a virtuosic manner. In her work the mediums of sculpture, painting, video and installation are conflated and subsumed into theatrical and often immersive installations. These draw from a range of materials—including ready-made objects, theatre props, animal skins, and technical apparatuses—to produce imaginative scenes that underscore the hybridity of both Vogel’s practice, contemporary notions of the self, animal, and machine. Often centering on Vogel herself as a subject, these works can be read as reflecting upon the site of subjectivity, the ego, and position of a Woman artist.

With Mary’s Contraception, Vogel uses a technique that has become central to her sculpture in the past years. In this process, the artist takes a pre-existing found sculpture—in this case, a Bozner Angel candle stick holder—and covers it with a white epoxy plastic, producing a form that appears to smother its now absent original. This plastic, reminiscent of both milk and semen, has in this case provided the shape for a bronze cast, an idea which Vogel had by misrecognising “Bozner” as an anagram for “Bronze”. While this is the first time the artist has produced these in this material, the spiral shape held by the angels suggests the copper coil of Intrauterine Devices (IUD), a women’s contraceptive device commonly referred to as a “coil” in English.

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