• O time thy pyramids ex 1, 2014, €800.00

  • O time thy pyramids ex 2, 2014, €800.00

Timo Nasseri

O time thy pyramids ex 1, O time thy pyramids ex 2, 2014

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Timo Nasseri (*1972 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin) focuses on the encounter between two cultural circles in his works—that of the West and the Middle East. Based on their cultural and religious locations, mathematical and literary models, and cultural scientific insights, his works interweave aspects of both cultures. Nasseri extracts elements of Persian and Islamic architecture that are based on geometrical forms and symmetries from the academic context, distorts them, and develops them into an aesthetic of their own. His sculptures and drawings are set between poetry and the discovery of infinity, possibilities, and universes on a mathematic basis.

The edition’s title quotes The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges. O time thy pyramids is the only decipherable sentence in a book made of “a mere labyrinth of letters” of this Babylonian library. It contains the entire universe, endless and unreadable. The drawings seem to be calculations from a math, physics, or geography book using formulas and models like a language. Their components (line, dot, curve, letter, number, and cartographic elements) are associated in a way that allows an understanding re-enactment, but keeps them from readability or calculability.

  • 2016

    Florenz – Bagdad, Arbeiterkammer Wien (S)
    A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift, Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane (G)
    Unter Waffen. Fire and Forget 2, MAK, Frankfurt (G)
    Temporal Turn: Art and Speculation in Contemporary Asia, Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas (G)

  • 2015

    The more beneath my feet the skies I see, Galerie Sfeir-Semler Hamburg (S)
    Nine Firmaments, Schleicher/Lange, Berlin (S)
    Fire and Forget, KW-Kunstwerke, Berlin (G)

  • 2014

    WIR 2 – Der Sinn von Politik ist Freiheit, Klinger Forum, Leipzig (G)

  • 2013

    DYNAMO! – Space and Vision in art from today back to 1913, Grand Palais, Paris (G)

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