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Mathias Toubro

Pasta Lamp

  • Mathias Toubro, _Pasta Lamp_ (2022), Various pasta, hot glue, epoxy, air drying clay, lamp, Jahresgabe 2022, Photo: Fred Dott
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Pasta Lamp, 2022
Various pasta, hot glue, epoxy, air drying clay, lamp

Mathias Toubro (* 1986 Copenhagen) approaches the site of the bar or restaurant as intersecting the social constellations that embody artists and art. Toubro represents these settings in works—for instance in his series of restaurant portraits—and also produces theatrical stagings to excite these social situations, such as his edition Pasta Lamp which he began developing on invitation for artist and patron dinners since 2018. Drawing on his career in the restaurant business, Toubro is inspired by its programmatic refuse, its overproduction, and waste. Taking simple materials that are at hand, he crafts installations and handmade sculptures which reflect the cyclical relationship at the center of gastronomy.

Previously, Toubro worked in partnership with Mathias Dyhr to produce theatrical installation works. He runs the exhibition space Cucina (Copenhagen) with Sigurd Kjeldgaard since 2020, and has runned Éclair (Berlin) together with Sigurd Kjeldgaard and Milan Ther from 2017-2020.

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