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Jeremy Shaw

Quantification Trilogy Reader

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Quantification Triolgy is a series of thematically intertwined works in which a sci-fi frame story is interwoven with overlapping backstories, striking imagery, and elaborate sound and dance choreography. The triology explores issues surrounding psychedelic states of consciousness and related drug culture, sciene fiction, cults, utopias and dystopias, neuroscience, loss of self, and desire and guilt. It is a temporally disorienting work, constituting an experience of transcendence that offers insights into the way we try to pursue questions of technology, privacy and the environment, and knowledge after faith in our present.

The Kunstverein in Hamburg, the Esker Foundation, and the Julia Stoschek Collection in Berlin and Düsseldorf were privileged to initiate and curate four related exhibitions of the artist Jeremy Shaw. This publication takes the project's source material and reorganizes it into its own form of artistic presentation.

Edited by Kunstverein in Hamburg, Esker Foundation and Julia Stoschek Foundation.

Authors: Nora Khan, Maxwell Stephens, Jeremy Shaw, Bettina Steinbrügge, Naomi Potter und Julia Stoschek.

Published by Information Office, Vancouver.

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