• Salt Sapiens, €800.00


Salt Sapiens

  • GRAU, _Salt Sapiens_ (2022), Special edition of the _Salt & Pepper lamp_ by GRAU, 5W LED, dimmable, Jahresgabe 2022, Photo: Fred Dott
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Salt Traces, 2022
18 x 13 cm
Sonderedition der Salt & Pepper Lampe von GRAU, 5W LED, dimmbar
Auflage: 20+5AP

GRAU is a collaborative project led by creative directors Timon & Melchior Grau (*1990, 1991 live and work in Hamburg) that works at the intersection of art and design. With this work they produce light installations and lighting products that confront the viewer with the relationship to their surroundings. In their words, the purpose is to “activate what makes us human”. One of the primary references of GRAU is the control of fire by humans, which unites cultures globally as a source not only of light, but also a central point of beliefs, stories, and communities. The corporation also links this to some of the earliest practical “designs”, which are the techniques of making fire and subsequently, of painting caves with its traces conducted by the human hand. With this special edition, GRAU translates such traces of the hand into a contemporary production process, as they show the traces of the manufacturer’s hand that has powder-coated their Salt & Pepper Lamp. Here, the raw material of the lamp is made visible, eliciting a human trace to a lamp that is controlled by touch.

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