• Schneeflocke, 1996/2012, €4,500.00

Carsten Höller

Schneeflocke, 1996/2012

  • Carsten Höller Schneeflocke 1996/2012
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The works of Carsten Höller (*1961 in Brussels, lives in Stockholm) situate themselves on the boundary of art and science. In his exhibition „Glück“ (Joy) at Kunstverein in Hamburg in 1996 he utilised aesthetic and medical means alike to create a feeling of happiness for the visitors. His „Schneeflocke (Snowflake)“ made of glass makes for a fascinating aesthetic object and a scientific model simultaneously. Snowflake crystals are frequently used as example of natural forms that are difficult to calculate. In 2012/13 the Kunstverein in Hamburg continues the edition from 1996.

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