• Wooden Box, 2012, €1,800.00

Richard Woods

Wooden Box, 2012

  • Kunstverein in hamburg richard woods wooden box 2012
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Richard Woods (*1966 in Chester, lives in London) became famous with his specific use of wood. His works are influenced by mainly three historical styles: The English Tudor Style of the 16th century, the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1950s, and the Pop Art of the 1960s. He combines wood and graphic elements in works that push the boundaries between architecture, sculpture, and graphic design. His wooden floors, laid out either as fishbone decoration or imitating ships plank, are made of standard MDF onto which Woods transfers the wood grain previously drawn by hand. After taking off the parts not intended for use, the board becomes a block that is coloured in to than transform walls, floors, and cubes by printing on them. The gap between ideal and real world constantly remains an issue: The beauty of naturalness is disrupted over and over again by colourful, seemingly unfitting elements.

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