12 Uhr

Body Clock

Molecular Biology Lecture by Leena Habiballa

Photo: Haematoxylin & eosin staining (human muscle tissue), captured using a light microscope; courtesy of Leena Habiballa

Leena Habiballa will present recent research into what is called ‘senescence’, the gradual deterioration of a cell or a whole organism. Habiballa’s focus within the field of research on senescence – colloquial term: aging – is on the musco-skeletal system.

Habiballa will also share how her research has become centred around telomere (non coding DNA at the tail ends of chromosomes that protects our genetic material) shortening as a driver of psychiatric disorders (e.g. dementia).

Audiovisual documentation by Rehana Zaman for not/nowhere.

The lecture will be held in English.


Leena Habiballa is a biologist, writer and filmmaker. She holds a PhD in the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Ageing from Newcastle University and the Mayo Clinic, works as a researcher in the Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry department at King’s College London. Leena is also a producer at Other Cinemas well as workshop leader for Direct Animation at not/nowhere artist workers’ film cooperative.

Rehana Zaman is an artist, educator, mother and grower, living and working in London. She has taught in formal and informal educational contexts for 15 years. Her films and artworks have shown widely in the UK and in International contexts. She is a shortlisted artist for the Film London Jarman Award 2023 (previously nominated in 2019). She is a member of not/nowhere artist workers cooperative and her films are distributed by LUX.

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